Monday, May 17, 2010

Pam Anderson Bronzed (Photo)

Pam Anderson bronzed statue was created by Marc Quinn. Pamela Anderson was present as the statue revealed the Baywatch babe. The art exhibit features people who have undergone plastic surgery to transform their bodies into what they actually feel on the inside.

Marc Quinn

"I found her very intelligent," Marc Quinn said in a statement. "She knows who she is. She knows she's famous for having transformed herself. But I'm not saying she's a freak by putting her in this show, and she understands that. She's someone who has transformed herself within the parameters of normal society."

Plastic Surgery Transformation Sculture

Anderson, 42, was Quinn's artistic surgically enhanced view of her sculpture. However, Quinn's focus is really more on the journey these people have gone through. In other words, Pamela represents a celebrity that has completely transformed her outsides to conform with her perceptions, of how she should look

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