Monday, May 17, 2010

20 Students Arrested For Prank

20 students arrested for prank. The 20 students attempted a senior prank but were arrested for breaking and entering. The incident occurred last Thursday night at the Lockland High School in Ohio.

Police discovered the group of teenagers in and near the school, and they called for immediate backup from several other agencies nearby. "The students were dressed in all black. Some of them had their faces hidden, and they were wearing masks. That was pretty serious for the officers who were responding," Lockland Police Lt. Terry Wilkerson said in a statement.

Shortly after, an ambulance was called for one of the kids who suffered a panic attack during the arrest. However, some of the parents are angry that their children face possible felony charges. "Yes, he did do wrong, I agree and there will be punishment at home, but a felony charge? That's a little dramatic I think," Theresa Brock, whose son was arrested, said in a statement. "It's ridiculous. You're going to destroy, what, close to 19 or 20 kids future?"

The parents said no damage was planned or done, and the kids were using a key to get inside. However, Police Lt. Terry Wilkerson said officers had no choice but to file breaking and entering charges, rather than trespassing charges. "Unfortunately, they were in school after hours, they did not have permission to be in there," he said. "Officers have to charge by what the law says, and the law says it's breaking and entering."

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