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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The most beautiful black woman in the world

Vilayna Lasalle is an American model. According to this blog she is the most beautiful black woman in the world famous enough to be in the Wikipedia, and the third most beautiful woman of any race. Only Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren in their prime were better. She appears mainly in print advertising, swimsuit calendars and music videos.
She has also had bit parts in film and television. She plays for New York Euphoria in the Lingerie Bowl. She is black, Brazilian and Creole. She grew up in Killeen, Texas near the Fort Hood army base north of Austin. She was the youngest of five children and went to Ellison high school where she was in the marching band.
At 16 she started modelling in nearby fashion shows. Elite said she should go to New York or Los Angeles to model. She knew she wanted to be a model, but her mother did not want to move. Later, when she was old enough she went to California to become a model and an actress. Modelling is a dream come true for her. She loves it, especially travelling to new places and meeting interesting people. She just wishes she could keep the clothes they put on her! She would like to do high fashion modelling for top designers in Paris and Milan. Failing that she would like to go back to school and become a psychologist to help troubled children. She wants to become a singer, something she is working on. She is good, but it is a hard business to break into. When she is not working she likes to shop and shop, be with her friends, sing, write songs and poetry, exercise and do graphic design. She knows PhotoShop, Illustrator and even some Flash! She likes a man who is physically fit, dresses well, has self-confidence without being overbearing, has a sense of humour, is honest and down-to-earth and is even a bit geeky – because she is a little geeky too! She has a wide taste in music: from Korn and Coldplay to Janet Jackson and Sade to Mobb Deep. Her advice to young models: have faith in yourself, go at it with full force and do not give up! Get an agent and take good care of your appearance: picture quality these days is merciless. Vilayna: “Anyone who believes in themselves can create their own destiny.” She likes what Diderot once said: “Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”

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