Tuesday, July 31, 2012

James Holmes (1987- ) is an American mass murderer

The suspect: James Holmes, here pictured in June 2006 at Science Boot Camp (ABC News) Disclaimer: It is still early days. The facts presented here may change as we learn more. James Holmes (1987- ) is an American mass murderer. He shot 70 people, killing 12 in Aurora, Colorado on July 20th 2012 at the opening midnight showing of the new Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises”. The crime: Holmes entered the packed cinema through a fire exit door that he left unlocked. He filled the place with gas making it hard for people to hide among the seats. He fired a shot in the air and then started firing at the audience. At first some thought it was part of the film, which features plenty of shooting. He would have killed far more if his gun did not jam. The fire alarm went off and people called the police. It took the police seven minutes to arrest him from the moment he started shooting. Scene of the crime: the Century 16 cinema in Aurora On Twitter iJesseWilliams observed: So they were able to apprehend the armed shooter w/out shooting, beating, tazing, sodomizing and/or killing him? … So it can be done … The police have yet to give a motive. Holmes had been laying the groundwork for months: he bought ammunition back in winter, the guns in spring. He is a huge Batman fan who seems have arranged the mass murder for the opening night of the film.
James Holmes’s picture from the University of Colorado, where he was working on his PhD in neuroscience till June 2012 The man: To understand Holmes properly you must view him through the white lens. Because white people see the world as it is, not as they wish it to be. From my “White Racist Guide to Black Crime”: When white people do something bad it is due to circumstances, a bad upbringing, a psychological disorder or something. Because, apart from a few bad apples, white people are Basically Good. Everyone knows it. But when black people do something bad it is because they were born that way. They try to put up this front of being good but given the right circumstances their true nature comes out. Sad but true. There you go: Holmes is white and therefore is just some sort of bad apple, probably has some psychological disorder or a bad upbringing. A troubled soul, not some violent, heartless animal with no conscience. Whatever it is, it is strictly about him – it says absolutely nothing about the true nature of white men: Not even if the massacre takes place 30.8 km away from another massacre by white males (Columbine, 1999), Not even if it takes place during a violent Hollywood film, Not even if it takes place on Dead Indian Land.
The main weapon: a Smith & Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle And so the press has been heads-down dutifully combing through Holmes’s past and found that he has been seeing a psychiatrist! How great is that? High five! We are done here.

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