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Monday, July 30, 2012

No kettlebell, no problem!

No kettlebell, no problem! Most kettlebell exercises are specialized to effectively move strictly with a kettlebell. However, there are three exercises in which you can substitute a dumbbell for a kettlebell. Halo The halo is a dynamic warmup used to improve shoulder mobility and stabilize the core. Stretching the shoulder girdle in all ranges of motion helps you identify where there's tightness or weakness. Start with this before performing overhead movements. Use a weighted plate for this exercise as it will provide better control. Weight plates are the width of a dumbbell, but flat and hexagonally shaped. With a firm grip, circle the plate around your head. Start with a shallow encirclement, increasing the stretch with each round by lowering the plate closer to your shoulders. Feel a stretch in your triceps, rotator cuffs and lats. Perform the exercise in both directions.

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