Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mandela atimiza miaka 93 ya kuzaliwa

Mandela na familia ya Obama

Rais Obama amesema Mandela ni nembo ya demokrasia duniani

Nelson mandela ambaye kwa sasa ni myonge kiafya amekuwa chini ya uanagilizi wa karibu kutoka kwa madakatari kwa muda wa saa 24 tangu atoke hospitali mwezi januari pale alipolazwa baada ya kuugua.

Lakini hali hii haijawazuia raia wa Afrika Kusini na watu wengi duniani kumtakia kheri njema anavyo sheherekea miaka 93 tangu azaliwe.

Kuadhimisha siku hii, nyimbo maalum imetungwa kwa heshima yake.

Raia wa Afrika kusini wanatarajia kuweka historia ambapo yamkini watu milioni 12 wataimba wimbo huo kwa wakati mmoja.

Shirika la utangazaji nchini humo (SABC) pamoja na idara ya elimu wamefanya mapango kuwa ifikiapo saa mbili na dakika tangu asubuhi hii, wanafaunzi katika shule zote nchini watauimba wimbo huo maalum uliotungwa kwa heshima ya Madiba.

Siku hii ya kuzaliwa kwa Nelson Mandela, rais wa kwanza mweusi wa Afrika Kusini ni siku ya kimataifa iliorodheshwa na Umoja wa Mataifa.

Nchini Afrika Kusini kila mtu atajitolea dakika 67 za muda wake leo kufanya huduma za kijamii.

Viongozi mbali mbali duniani wamemtumia salamu za kheri njema mzee Mandela wakiongozwa na Rais Barack Obama wa Marekani.

Rais Obama amesema Mandela ni nembo ya demokrasia na haki duniani na amemshukuru kwa kujitolea maisha yake kwa huduma ya jamii.

Kiongozi huyo wa marekani amesema Mandela ataacha urithi wa busara, nguvu na fadhila nyingi.

Nelson Mandela meets the Queen for 90th birthday celebrations

Nelson Mandela displayed his customary diplomatic skills when he met the Queen today as part of his 90th birthday celebrations.

Nelson Mandela, the former South African president, and his wife Graca Machel, meet the Queen

The elder statesman, 89, who passes his milestone next month, paid the monarch who is seven years his junior, an immediate compliment when they met at Buckingham Palace.

"You look younger every time I see you," Mr Mandela said, to the Queen's apparent delight.

The former South African president is in Britain for a week long series of events to mark his 90th birthday.

Mr Mandela, dressed in one of his trademark colourful shirts in a bright gold design, walked slowly with the aid of a stick and supported by a palace aide. He stepped forward to greet the Queen and compliment her on her appearance.

As the pair sat down opposite each other on two sofas, the Queen jokingly told Mr Mandela: "It's very nice weather, arranged just for you."
Mr Mandela spent 27 years in jail on Robben Island for his role leading the campaign against apartheid in South Africa before being freed in 1990 and elected his country's president in 1994.

He officially retired from politics nine years ago, but despite his age and frail health, he has continued to campaign around the globe for peace and an end to poverty.

Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton will both make speeches before Mr Mandela speaks publicly for the first time since arriving in Britain on Sunday.

On Friday he will attend a birthday concert in Hyde Park which will feature acts such as Queen, Leona Lewis and Annie Lennox. Mr Mandela is 90 on July 18.

Terrorist Celebrates Birthday
Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last night the world’s most famous terrorist, Nelson Mandela, celebrated his 90th Birthday with a music concert. This morning as I watched the news coverage of the concert I became enraged as a number of celebrities including X-Factor winner, Leona Lewis praised Mandela as a wonderful man, which of course he is not, as I am about to tell you.

What people forget about Nelson Mandela is that he is a terrorist. In 1961 he became the leader of ANC’s (African National Congress) military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) where he coordinated its campaign of violence and terror including the Church Street Bombing in Pretoria which killed 19 people and wounded more than 200.

Mandela also raised funds for MK by visiting his vile terrorist allies; the Soviet Union, Libya and Cuba. MK also had links to the South African Communist Party. Mandela himself holds weird and backward Marxists views of the world. He frequently attacks the US ‘imperialism’ and ‘arrogance’ and voices support for Libya and Cuba, which are both evil and brutal dictatorships.

Nelson Mandela quite rightly spent 27 years in prison and even though I would have kept this mad man locked up forever, the government of P.W. Botha had a more friendly approach. What those free Mandela wankers fail to understand was that Mandela could easily have been a free man well before his release in 1990 because the Botha government consistently offered Mandela his freedom so long as he publicly renounced violence, however, he never did.

Up until this very day Nelson Mandela has never renounced violence which means he believes that his terrorist acts were correct. It is for that reason why Nelson Mandela remains a terrorist and it is for that reason why I believe that this man should be locked up forever.

A plethora of high profile guests attended Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday dinner fundraiser as a prelude to the 46664 charity concert.

Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Uma Thurman, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Tony and Cherie Blair and a host of others helped celebrate the landmark dinner event.

‘What is so special is that you spend 27 years in prison, you come out and you do the thing that everyone thought was impossible to do, become president of the nation and change the way people feel about Africa, and then you get to live to celebrate 90,’ Oprah said at the event.

Nelson Mandela is one of the most remarkable men of our time, utilizing the dinner and birthday celebrations to continue to raise funds and awareness for Africa in need is just a given for the long time freedom fighter

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