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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Notorious Kidnapper Osisikankwu, Killed

More Updates below:The notorious Abia Kidnap Kingpin (Osisi Ka Nkwu) was killed in a gunfight with Military Task Force some hours ago. He was killed in the jungles of Abia, not far from Aba. Trying to fight the Army head on. The kidnappers led by Osisi Ka Nkwu have terrorised the South-Eastern States of Nigeria for a long time and seemed above the law. Information reaching elombah.com indicates that two days ago, TRYON provided security intelligence which aided the military to attack Osisikankwu.

The military missed him on that occasion but got his armourer and recovered the following arms: 2 GPMGs, 3 RPG bombers, 20 pieces of RPG bombs, 93 empty magazines of AK47, 1 50 liters filled with live armunitions, 8 pieces of AK47 guns. Those hunting for him have have been in the bush since yesterday on the look out for him. But he was captured at last.

The elimination of this notorious Osisikankwu is significant for many reasons. At least it has sent a message to all other kidnappers who think that their strategy and elusiveness is impeccable to think again. They now know that run and hide, come rain, come shine, there shall be a day of reckoning. He was very lucky and perhaps some higher level connectors were also dam lucky that Osisikankwu was not captured alive. At least he would have been forced to reveal some of the highly placed individuals behind the kidnapping syndicate.

Killed Osisikankwu

Osisikankwu had previously demanded for the amnesty that was granted to the militants in the Niger Delta be extended to him. But this morning a commentator joked that Osisikankwu's lawyer can now sue the military for the wrongful death of Osisikankwu and demand the amnesty to be paid to him and said "Good radiance for absolute nonsense".

Osisi ka Nkwu (Lord of the Forest) is rumoured in some quarters to be one of the most notorious kidnappers and armed robbers in the South-East.

the family he kidnapped

A son of the soil, his second in command, popularly known as ‘STONE, is from Imo State. Osisi Ka Nku lived in Ogwe, in the Asa area of the town, close to Aba. Reputed as the most violent and daring of the kingpins in Aba, Osisi ka Nkwu is said to have been an Orji (Orji Uzor Kalu) Boy. Aba resident often say that he was used by the politicians in Abia, most of whom came to power, and the leading politicians there know him.

The story of Osisi ka Nkwu reads like that of Asari Dokubo or Ateke Tom and the rest of those who later metamorphosed into Niger Delta freedom fighters. In fact, the Abia kidnappers called themselves freedom fighters as well.

But whereas the Niger delta ones were kidnapping oil company staff and expatriates, fighting the state and destryong oil facilities, with the problems of the Niger Delta in the front burner, the Aba kidnappers, used and dumped by politicians, robbed banks, kidnapped innocent residents, raped the women, killed and paralysed the city where there is virtually no government presence.

Osisi ka Nkwu had become a lord, Robbers and not freedom fighters. He is said to have three wives. He built his home in his village at Ogwe area, now called his camp. He lived among the villagers. They knew him and feared him. But they were powerless before him. He is said to have children, and that he ran away with his family.

This was until President Jonathan Goodluck sent men of the Nigerian armed Forces to Imo andAbia State to flush him out. The People of Imo and Abia States people now have another reason to breathe a sigh of relief. Bad Boys can run, but they cannot hide

Commentators say society would have been better served if he had been captured alive and investigations into his links and covert sponsors conducted. But to do that would have required his cooperation.
Sunday Dec 12/12/2010 marked the end of the road for Abia’s most notorious kidnapper and armed robber Obioma Nwankwo a.k.a Osisikankwu who had been declared wanted by the Police. He was gunned down by military personnel in a gun duel after kidnapping a family. His girl friend was also arrested.

Above are the pictures.

Pix 1 and 2 show the corpse of the notorious villain “Osisikankwu”
pix 2 show the victims who led him to his waterloo.
Pix 3 shows his girlfriend who was arrested.

Kingsley Emereuwa
Chief Press Secretary to Abia State Governor.

More Updates:

Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, has confirmed the killing, and said the notorious criminal was killed at Ugwuati Evil Forest during a gun battle between the task force and the gang led by Osisikankwu.
The soldiers later displayed the body of the notorious kidnapper in an open van round Aba to the jubilation of Aba residents.

It wasn't just one shot to the thigh, it was several, and the guy was still shooting ( he got a machine gun on a tripod stand). He was able to keep the soldiers from getting to him with his mad shooting till he got weak and could shoot no more. When NTA Channel 6, Aba, got there, he was still breathing, though with difficulty.
It appears there was no intention of getting him alive because nothing stopped them from giving him medical help. It should take NTA at least 25 minutes to get to Obokwe forest from their Ogbor-Hill base. Something could have been done for him then. For some people, though, he is safer dead.

He went into hiding when the task force got to Abia in September. On arrival, the task force mounted a manhunt for the late kidnapper. He had gone into hiding since the task force arrived in September to commence its operation. Since then the task force had expanded its search for the notorious kidnap kingpin and vowed to track him down.

In a swift reaction, Abia State government through Governor Theodore Orji’s adviser on electronic media, Ugochukwu Emezue, described the killing as “triumph of light over darkness” and commended the task force for its dogged fight against criminals in Abia.

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