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Monday, August 30, 2010

Russia started building of Moscow – St. Petersburg highway

Moskow St Peterburg HighwayThe Russian Ministry of Transport and the largest construction company in the world Vinci signed concession contract to build the first part of the highway connecting Moscow with St. Petersburg. The contract is worth 60 billion ruble (2 billion dollars), the company will begin work on the first 43 kilometers of the route next year. The document was signed by Anatoly Chabunin, Minister of Transport and Louis-Roh Burgar, operational director of the division of Vinvi in concessions. Willingness of the government is 626 km route, which has a high-speed section from the center of Moscow to the distant suburbs, to be completed by 2015 by providing cost him to reach 600 billion ruble (20 billion dollars).
The project became very important for the Russian economy, because will connect the two largest cities in the European part of the country, which are actually the economy back of Russia.

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