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Monday, August 30, 2010

China and Russia in conflict because of a market

The closure of the Cherkizovskiy market in Moscow in June 2009 tighten the relations between China and Russia because the market was a major center for the sale of counterfeit goods imported from China. The market remained Chinese goods worth 5 billion dollars. The Chinese authorities clearly expressed its concern, because 70 percent of the hundred thousand people working in the market, were citizens of China. Russia and China reached a consensus and develop a common plan and to combat the informal economy, said Deputy Minister of Commerce PRC Gao Huchen after negotiations with Moscow authorities. For its part Moscow mayoralty authorities agreed with the delegation of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for the construction of a new mall at the site of the capital market Cherkizovskiy.
China is ready to invest 1 billion dollars in the project. In the new complex will be built commercial and logistic center, stations for customs and sanitary control of the Federal immigration service and two-star hotel.

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