Monday, May 17, 2010

Airline Loses Dog and Canada

Airline loses dog and Canada couple are upset. Delta loses the dog but compensated the couple from Canada. Paco went from living on the beaches of Puerta Vallarta to Mexico City.

Canadian Couple, Erin and Josiah, flew Delta Airlines from Mexico City to Detroit then onto Canada. The couple was vacationing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There they found a dirty, flea infested puppy, that they named Paco.

Paco Gets Adopted

Paco was having a blast with the couple, and they decided to adopt him. They filled out the appropriate paperwork and paid to get him the necessary shots. They also took him to a veterinarian to treat an eye infection and tick infestation.

Plane Ride

They put him on the plane from Puerta Vallarta to Mexico City, Mexico. While they waited at the Mexico City airport, they took Paco out of his cage to play with him, but were told they had to return Paco to his kennel. That was the last time they saw him.

Two days after landing, the couple was told by Delta, that Paco had been lost in Mexico City. The couple was offered $700 by Delta to cover the cost of the pet and their inconvenience. However, Josiah and Erin were bothered by the fact that Paco loved them and trusted them, and that they trusted the company to get their animal safely home.

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