Friday, October 30, 2009

Ban awatetea wafanyakazi

Baraza la Usalama la Umoja wa Mataifa limeunga mkono mwito wa katibu mkuu Ban Ki Moon, kutaka wafanyikazi wa Umoja wa Mataifa kulindwa zaidi nchini Afghanistan.
Hatua hiyo inafuatia shambulio la Jumatano, wakati jumba la wageni la Umoja wa Mataifa liliposhambuliwa na wapiganaji wa Taliban mjini Kabul, na wafanyikazi watano kuuawa.

Shambulio hilo limefanyika wiki moja tu kabla raundi ya pili ya uchaguzi wa urais kufanyika nchini humo.

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari baada ya kikao na Baraza la Usalama, Bw Ban alisema wapiganaji wa Taliban huona ni rahisi kuwashambulia wafanyikazi wa Umoja wa Mataifa nchini Afghanistan.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he welcomes U.S. President Barack Obama's new focus and "fresh thinking" on Afghanistan.

During a press conference Thursday, Mr. Ban said he told President Obama that any military buildup in Afghanistan must be accompanied by a "political surge."

The United Nations is hosting a major international conference on the future of Afghanistan on March 31 in the Netherlands. Top U.S., Afghan and Pakistani officials will attend along with other players in the region, including NATO members and international donor organizations.
Mr. Ban said Afghanistan is at a crossroads with rising militant violence and upcoming elections in August.

The Obama administration is conducting a thorough review of U.S. policy in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. The president has already approved the deployment of an additional 17,000 troops to boost security in southern Afghanistan, a stronghold of the Taliban insurgency.

Vice President Joe Biden told NATO allies earlier this week the United States is seeking out new ideas and cooperation in fighting what he described as the common threat of terrorism in the region.

Top military and U.S. officials have admitted that U.S. and NATO troops are not winning the war against a range of militant groups and a resurgent Taliban movement in Afghanistan.

NATO Vows to Bolster Troops in Afghanistan

NATO allies meeting in Romania at a major alliance summit reconfirmed their "long-term commitment" to Afghanistan and pledged to substantially beef up troop numbers in the country.

NATO leaders reaffirmed their long-term commitment to Afghanistan on Thursday with a document designed to bridge strategic divisions over the nature of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission.

The four-page "strategic vision" called on NATO members to maintain a "shared long-term commitment" to ISAF in its aim to help the people of Afghanistan "build an enduring, stable, secure, prosperous and democratic state" that is free of violence and terrorism.

"Today more nations stepped forward with offers that will raise that total again, and very substantially," NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said at a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Scheffer did not say how many troops were offered and referred specifically only to an offer by France to send an additional battalion, about 800 troops. But he said it satisfied a Canadian demand for reinforcements in its sector in southern Afghanistan

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