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Friday, August 3, 2012

Why do Muslims pray on Friday?

Muslims pray daily and not only on Fridays. However, particularly on Fridays, they are called for a special gathering prayer at noon in the mosque, called Jumaa prayer, or Gathering prayer. During this mosque gathering, Muslims listen to a religious sermon from the mosque leader (called Imam in Arabic) followed by a special Friday noon prayer. Friday in Arabic means "Gathering or Jumaa day". Friday is considered as a weekly feast for Muslims when they dress better and nicer and pay visits, as available, to relatives and friends and enjoy good time within the family members.
It is not forbidden for Muslims on Friday to work or to do any allowed normal day activities. Muslims do not believe in the other religions belief that the weekly holiday is the day when God took rest after six day of the universe creation. Fridays are Holy days in Islam, just like Sundays for Christians.

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