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Monday, August 13, 2012

All these claims that about Dr. Zakir Naik is wrong

All these claims that about Dr. Zakir Naik is wrong, very very wrong. First he does not preach and support violence, and does not support Osama bin laden.. In fact he condems them all, he condems all types of terrorism. See these video, where Dr. Zakir Naik in India preach to student from Oxford University in Britain. In this video he directly condems all types of terrorist and he explains why people are acusing him for being a supporter of terrorist. Dr. Zakir Naik have NEVER ever preached agaisnt the Quran and Islam. He always gives refers to the Quran, The Bible, The Torah and all the other religoes scripture as the budhist and hindu scripter. He have momorized them all so have never made an argument without giving a reference... You or other calims that he has insulted Allah and Hussain by saying that Yazeed has killed Hussain, I challenge you to give me one evidence of you claim. Actually he says that the killing of Hussain can not be justifeid because nobody can prove that it was Yazeed that or any other human who have killed Hussain. He gives example with 9/11 where bush claims that Osama is behind 9/11 put has no prove. So it only aclaim, the same goes for Hussain and Yazeed, people claimed that Yazeed killed him but nobody can say it was him, because they dont have proof of it. That he does not wear a islamic cloth does not make him less muslim? Dr. Zakir Naik have always a white clod/hat on his head like the prophet,. The people want him to wear the long white dress like other scholars, but this is nok obligatory for a muslim man. He kan wear jeans, white, black or another colurand t-shirt, but the hat is important because it is indifacition that he is muslim. People will notice him he is a mulsim.. but again every one can dress like the prophet and go around, but that does not make him more muslim than a guy who are wearing jeans and a shirt?... it is what the man are saying you should koncentrate about and not what he is wearing.. this is only a prove of a new propaganda against Dr. Zakir Naik. Dr. Zakir Naik says also that muslims should not go around calling them selves Sunni, Shia, Habshi, Hanafi, Malaki etc. but only to call them selves Muslims and nothing else. So please try to study Dr. Zakir Naiks work instead of listening to punch of lies/propaganda.

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