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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why do black women wear weaves?

Most of the hair loss suffered from black women has to do with styling the hair instead of hereditary or illness, like other races. Why do they wear these styles until the point of baldness.
A quick look at some of the curly hair weave hairstyles that you can mimic. African American Prom Hairstyles Long wavy prom hairstyle. Black Hairstyles 2011! While bad weaves are almost as common in the. Not all black women wear weaves.. I am not wearing a weave right now but I might be in the mood to change up my look this is the reason I do it. Just like you said you white women do for thickness etc. There is nothing wrong with wearing a weave. I know tons of white women who wear weaves actually I put in a few weaves for some white girls. These women also have problem with they real hair that won't grow because of all the damage that is being done to it. When white people asks questions like this it pisses me off because it seems like your trying to make it seem like white women are so perfect and things like hair damage does not happen to you guys. Please analyze your people before pointing the finger at us black women.
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