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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Avengers

Hey guys, Florida Face-Eater here. If you're anything like me, you have trouble choosing what movies to watch and you also eat faces. Here are some recommendations to help you navigate the countless films Hollywood throws at us. I don't really understand why this movie has been so successful this summer. Sure, the Hulk and Iron Man have an onscreen chemistry not seen since early Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor films. And yes, Joss Whedon successfully told a story that incorporated an endless number of characters. But there seemed like there was something missing. I'm not a screenwriter - just a normal guy in Florida who likes hanging out with his friends and stripping naked and chomping down on some guy's face… you know, not some Hollywood Brad Pitt type! - but I think it could have used more face-eating? Like if you're going to make a big summer blockbuster, give the people what they want. I don't know, maybe it's the bath-salts I'm all hopped up on that's talking right now or maybe it's the inescapable urge to feed on other men's faces, but I really feel like it was missed opportunity on Whedon's part.

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