Saturday, May 12, 2012

Think Like a Man is an upcoming film

Guys will be guys but women have had enough. Now one book is changing the game. Think Like a Man is an upcoming film directed by Tim Story and based on Steven Harvey’s book “Act Like a lady, Think Like a Man”. It stars Regina Hall, Romany Malco, Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy. Synopsis: Sheds light on everything from why men are in the fixing business and not the talking business to why independent women should reconnect with their girlish side to make their men feel necessary.
Ask most producers ahead of opening weekend how well their movie will do and they’ll start bragging about the blockbuster numbers from their studio tracking surveys. But Will Packer, producer of the upcoming romantic comedy “Think Like a Man,” is far more likely to boast about his film’s social media buzz. Last weekend, Packer re-tweeted a rave review from LeBron James, who told his followers: “Great movie and funny as [heck]!!” Packer isn’t your typical Hollywood producer. For one thing, his home base is Atlanta, where he’s lived for the last 15 years, after graduating from Florida A&M with a degree in, of all things, electrical engineering. For another thing, Packer, who’s produced such hits as “Stomp the Yard” and “Takers,” is a big believer in touting his movies directly to his target audience, something he learned from studying Master P, the 1990s hip-hop star known for driving around in a loudspeaker-laden rap truck.

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