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Friday, May 25, 2012

‘Rogue’ officers killed my son, says father of Briton

British aristocrat lord Nicholas John Monson fighting for tears while briefing nation journalists over the death of his son Mr.Alexander Monson last weekend in Diani South Coast in this picture taken on 25 may 2012.Photo/LABAN WALLOGA The father of a British aristocrat who died in police custody has asked authorities to investigate those behind the killing of his son. Baron Nicholas John Monson on Friday said the government should take action against what he described as rogue police officers who allegedly assaulted his only son, Alexander Monson, leading to his death. Alexander died at the Palm Beach Hospital where he was taken, a day after he was arrested for allegedly smoking bhang at a club on the South Coast. Baron Monson flew into the country to help in funeral arrangements and said the government can only restore the confidence of tourists by taking disciplinary action against those responsible for his son’s death. “The postmortem report conducted by private and government pathologists has proved that my son died due to blunt trauma force on the head which caused high pressure and later a heart attack,” said Baron Monson. Drugs not an excuse Speaking to the Saturday Nation at Swahili Beach Hotel, he said the whole world was closely monitoring police action. “I do not want revenge, but the case should be taken seriously. Police should not use drugs as an excuse not to investigate,” said Baron Monson. Though he had never seen his son use drugs, the aristocrat said he could not rule out the allegation. But even if he was using drugs, police should have taken him to court instead of beating him up, he said. “I was in Spain on holiday with my wife when we received the news. We flew in as soon as possible,” said Baron Monson. The family had wanted to cremate Alexander on Friday at the Hindu Crematorium in Mombasa but this was postponed to a later date to allow for further investigations. Alexander, a 28-year-old psychologist, was arrested on Friday evening by tourist police at Tandori club in Diani where he was allegedly found smoking bhang. Police claim he fell ill while in the cell and he was taken to the hospital where he later died. His father is the 12th Baron of Burton. He was a champion of personal liberties who later became the president of the Society for Individual Freedom. When the 11th baron died last year, the title passed to him. His son was taken to Diani police station on Friday last week where he was booked for being in possession of bhang, which is illegal in Kenya. Kwale police boss Richard Muguai said the suspect was under treatment when he died over the weekend. He had arrived in the country on April 29 for a holiday until July 10, according to his visa

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