Friday, May 25, 2012

Lobby groups make a killing from floods, says leader

Photo/FILE Malinid residents carrying their goats after their homes were marooned by floods on May 9, 2012.
Activists have been warned against using the floods disaster to enrich themselves. Marigat DC Saul Moywaywa said although floods had subsided in Salabani, Eldume, Ilng’arua and Ng’ambo, activists continued soliciting money from well-wishers and other agencies. More than 10,000 people were made homeless after the rivers Perkerra and Molo changed their courses. “We have been working with humanitarian agencies and helped all victims return to their homes but activists are still soliciting money,” said Mr Moywaywa. He urged agencies not to release funds to activists, saying donations were being channelled through World Vision, the Red Cross and Catholic Church. However, residents claimed that flood victims who had camped at Kiwanja Ndege and Marigat Catholic Church were forcibly taken back to their homes in spite of heavy rains continuing to pound the area. Stormed the area A youth leader, Mr Amos Olempaka, alleged that security personnel stormed the area and destroyed makeshift tents which had been donated by the Kenya Red Cross. “When the same government which is supposed to safeguard the welfare of its people turns against them, where are they supposed to run?” asked Mr Olempaka. He claimed government officials ordered the victims to go back to flooded areas like Ng’ambo, Ilng’arua and Leswa where their homes were submerged in water. “The situation is bad. Crocodiles are feasting on livestock and endangering the lives of the people,” said Mr Olempaka, adding that children and the elderly were most affected. But Mr Moywaywa dismissed the claims. “I was there and there was no confrontation between us and the flood victims. We agreed that they go back to their homes as the floods had subsided,” he said. Heavy rains have been pounding Baringo County in the past month and five people have been swept away by the floods.

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