Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is your best weapon to defend yourself against rape?


Some of the statistics pertaining to women's violent crime will make you stop and think. Consider the following:

• Statistics show that one out of every three women will experience some type of sexual assault in her lifetime.

• In the U.S., a rape occurs every five minutes.

• Nearly four out of every 10 women have been raped. . The most common rapes occur by someone the woman knows or is acquainted with.

• Date rape has been on the rise for the past 10 years, both on college campuses and in the public sector.


What is your best weapon to defend yourself against rape? A strong front kick? A powerful sidekick? Devastating elbows? Actually, your best weapons are your brain and common sense. Women are making a grave mistake when they think they are paranoid if they feel uncomfortable or their intuition is telling them to leave a situation that may get out of hand. It is better to be prepared and aware than to face the lasting and devastating mental, physical, and emotional horrors of being raped. Women must realize and make their date or possible attacker realize that “NO!” means no. Women have a right to protect their body and not feel obligated because of a fancy dinner date. If a woman feels uncomfortable, she should immediately remove herself from the situation without any remorse of insulting her date or, in this case, would-be attacker

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