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Monday, August 30, 2010

Russia for 810 million USD

New cosmodrume in
cosmodrumeRussia will build a new cosmodrome worth 810 million dollars as part of its efforts to protect its share of an increasingly competitive market space flights, said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, quoted by Reuters News Agency forward. As in Soviet times, Russia currently has a dominant role in the global space industry: in 2009, 78 launches of spacecraft in the world. Now, however, is facing increasing competition from Europe, Asia and the United States, while the aerospace market is increasingly commercialized. Baikonur “Vostochniy will be built in the Amur region in the Far East within three years. “I hope Vostochniy will become the first Russian cosmodrome in civilian use and will ensure full independence of our aerospace business,” said Putin at a meeting with representatives of the aerospace industry. Envisaged “Vostochniy” be open for unmanned flight in 2015 and flights of people in 2018 new spaceport will serve all space activity in Russia, including flights of cosmonauts, transport missiles and future missions and other planets. Russia now pays rent of $ 115 million annually to Baikonur in Kazakhstan after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 The lease expires in 2050
Manned Russian ship “Union” and the cargo ship “Progress” are the main workforce of the International Space Station. For the last American space shuttle operated by the people must go to the station next year

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