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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Meaning of Biden Amendment

This past September 25, 2007, the US Senate passed a non-binding Biden amendment to partition Iraq by a 3/4 majority in the Senate. This has been duly noted and commented on, now, by numerous sources.

A small note on this, before going further. The old three way map that has/is being used on many sources for partitioning Iraq is NOT the map that was used in the most recent Senate hearings, above. The map I saw on TV, used by Senator Brownback, IF I recall correctly, partitions Iraq in much more than three ways.

The new partitioned Iraq lines more resembles the erratic, gerry-mandered, artificially created election districts and zones, wildly gyrating lines, for the purpose of US elections. I'm assuming the gerrymandered Iraq partition lines are congruent with economic alignments in Iraq and/or possibly military arrangements, as well.

I'm sorry I do not have a link to the map used in the Senate hearings to study, for myself. I'll try to find it, later on. To continue on, however. In one source, arablinks, he/she/they, Badger, ponders the meaning of the above Biden amendment and, in the comments section, underneath the blog entry, why so little attention and fanfare has been paid to this monsterous proposition, here, in the US.

The answer to this question lies in my PREVIOUS blogs, beginning from late 2005, early 2006, regarding the meaning and implications of what I labelled Washington's Silent Coup, at the time, see October 13, 2005, and February 6, 2006, and, then, the Establishment's subesquent orchestrated November 2006 midterm election, the consequences of which have been nicely framed, aside from my own blogs, in Nazemroaya's recent series of articles to which I've linked previously on the Anglo-American/NATO versus China-Russia alliance.

The ball, as I said in one of my older blogs regarding Washington's Silent Coup, has been passed abroad, across the Atlantic, and Pacific, to other countries. The present situation regarding both Iraq and Iran cannot be understood without this broader context and the global implications of Washington's Geostrategic Shift/Silent Coup.

In addition to Nazemroaya's pieces and my previous blog entries on this subject, the following regarding Kosovo, altho, in the following, I take issue with one statement in it that "the Anglo-Amercian elite does not hate Communism, it hates Russia."

That is not true, and, it should be remembered, until Khordorkovsky was arrested and Yukos re-nationalized, and Russia's current direction is "unclear," the Anglo-American elite had NO problems with Russia, Yeltsin, Putin. (Remember, Bush looked into Putin's eyes...or something like that).

Aside from that, on Kosovo and the endgame, www.globalresearch.ca/index.phpcontext=va&aid=6900 As to the question raised by the above arablinks entry, why such little fanfare regarding the new/old Biden amendment, that is a consequence of the links played by our psuedo State Dept/CFR/Foundation funded "Left/Liberals," who are active participants in this current strategic project, Washington's Geostrategic Shift and an extension of the Democratic Party, as they have been in the past, as well.

In addition to the above, the timing of which is NOT coincidental, in my opinion, peak oil theories are now being debunked. www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=6880

Of course, this, like much else of the Big and Little Lies category is/was intentionally ignored, previously. See my blog from August, 2005. Engdahl's piece, above, altho finally acknowledging the speciousness of the peak oil theory, nonetheless, still manages to obfuscate economics surrounding the energy "business," and I define business as a profit making entity.

The necessity to control and "transform" Middle East economies, oil, gas and other industries, have more to do with the situation in the article, above, regarding Kosovo and Nasemroaya's analysis, than the question of cheap oil supplies. Cheap oil is a factor, but, not the factor. This section of the globe, including the area that Nazemroaya diagrams, is the last major, economic counterweight to both Russia and China.

The GCC countries, alone, for example, control approximately $1.5 Trillion which they are now recycling into both US Treasury Bonds and investing into private capital. And, further, as this tension continues regarding both Russia and China, cheap labor and industrial/commodity production can and probably will be moved out from China and expanded or supplanted to other areas of the globe. It is NOT the loss of cheap oil and/or gas that is THE issue.

The entire capitalist system is in crisis, a crisis dependant upon global expansion for its sustained exponential profitability. The contradictions unleashed as a result of the end of the Soviet Union and the Communist system and all that has flowed from it, subsequently, is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. I do not need to tell people about such a thing as "imperialist rivalries," for example.

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