Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love affair behind missing of Ayyappa vrithadhari ?

PADUBIDRI : The reported missing of Yogish Achari(24), an Ayyappa Vrithadhari from Uchila Bada village, has taken a new turn with rumours doing the rounds in the village that a love affair had led to his missing. The youth went missing on Tuesday and a complaint was lodged after the calls made to his mobile were not received.
It has been gathered that he was in love with a young lady of Mangalore and was seen often talking to his sweet heart over mobile even after he became an Ayyappa Vrithadhari. Though his act was objected by other vrithadharis, he, it is learnt, had cared least for the same.

He became an Ayyappa vrithadhari to ditch his lover !

KUNDAPUR : If a Muslim youth became an Ayyappa vrithadhari for the sake of his Hindu betterhalf in Mangalore ; in Kundapur, a youth reportedly became an Ayyappa Vrithadhari only to ditch his lady love.
Rumours are presently doing the rounds in Kundapur that a young woman named Deepa who was working for the Om Tiles Decoration showroom in Kundapur, ended her life after her lover ditched her and became an Ayyappa Vrithadhari just to avoid her.
The young woman named Deepa, the only daughter of her parents, was working in the showroom to assist her poor family which was taken care of by her mother by doing coolie works. Her father was bedridden.
But Deepa fell in love with a young man who reportedly refused to marry her despite her ardent pleas. Sources reveal that Deepa was in a very sullen mood one week prior to her death and was seen crying and speaking over mobile with someone.
However, on Friday afternoon, she consumed poison in the bathroom of her house and died while being taken to the hospital.
It is being said that she chose to commit suicide out of frustration as the youth refused to marry her and instead became an Ayyappa Vrithadhari only to avoid her.
But it is still not clear if this was the exact cause of her suicide.

A canine Ayyappa Vrithadhari

HONNAVARA: As Makara Sankramana is nearing, Ayyappa vrithadharis are making a beeline to the abode of Ayyappa Swami at Shabarimale. Though this is nothing unusual, there is something unusual that’s taking place in Honavar. Here there is a canine Ayyappa Vrithadhari which is all set and is a part of a team of Ayyappa Vrithadharis which is on way to Shabarimale by foot.
The dog name “Manikanta’ with a black robe tied around its neck was a part of the 10 member team of Vrithadharis which was passing through the National Highway 17 at Honnavara on Monday. The team from Bambulavada in Chikkodi had left its place on December 2.
When one of them Parashurama was enquired about the dog along with them he said the dog too was a part of the team. It seems the dog also adhered to the strict disciplinary code of Ayyappa Vrithadharis and has bath every morning.
It has been named “Manikanta” and no sooner it is called it appears wagging its tail.
The team is expected to reach Shabarimale by January 5.

Missing Ayyappa Vrithadhari found dead

PADUBIDRI : Yogish Acharya (24), an Ayyappa Vrithadhari of Uchila here who was reported missing since the past five days, has been found dead. His body was found in a decomposed state in the area near his house on Sunday evening, in a hanging position.
It is learnt, his mother itself first noticed the body in the nearby area from where the foul smell was emanating.
It is learnt, Acharya who was a carpenter, had secured loans from several places. He had recently even been to the Gulf and had returned from there within two months unable to find a good job.
It is suspected that a financial problem might have forced him to take the extreme step.
Padubidri police have registered a case.

Muslim Ayyappa Vrithadhari attacked


MANGALORE : Two unidentified assailants attacked Shameer, the Muslim youth who is now an Ayyappa Vrithadhari and is subsequently facing threats from the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and the Popular Front of India.
One of the accused has been identified as Riyaz, a resident of Mulihitlu and a relative of Shameer. According to Shameer, the accused was a PFI activist. He was attacked while he was coming out of the Ayyappa Vrithadharis’ camp at Mulihitlu on Saturday morning.

Jamaat-e says Ayyappa Vrithadhari not questioned

MANGALORE: KM Ashraf, President of the Mangalore unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Sharief, State Committee Member have clarified that they have not questioned Shameer, the Ayyappa Vrithadhari Muslim youth and said that the allegations made by Shameer in this regard were far from truth.
Speaking to this correspondent, they said ” Shameer’s mother had complained with Shahanaz of Sahana counselling with regard to his son who is an Ayyappa Vrithadhari. But including Shahanaz, the Jamaat-e workers have not taken measure following the complaint. We do not know why Shameer has levelled such an allegation,” they said.
They further said “there has been no instance of the Jamaat-e which has been operational since the past 60 years indulging in any communal activity. He said the reputation of the organisation has been affected by Shameer’s allegation.

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