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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Health in a Bad EconomyEconomy

Opinion by Robert Ross

In economics, a bailout is supposed to be when a bankrupt or nearly bankrupt company is helped by another party (like the U.S. government) giving them assets that can be converted to cash so that the troubled party can meet it's financial obligations.

What our country really needs during the current crisis is a raw food bailout -- when a sick body is helped by a healthy diet giving it assets ((live food) that can easily assimilated so that the body can meet all its nutritional requirements.

Of course, a bad economy is more difficult to deal with when you are also struggling with bad health! Poor nutrition can exacerbate negative emotions and make it more difficult to think clearly. Many diseases start with a cocktail of toxins created by cooking combined with the immune-suppressing effects of anger, stress, fear and hopelessness. Eating raw food is a great way to face a crisis. It will help you be healthier - saving on medical bills and insurance. It will help you act more responsibly and proactively to find solutions. And it will even help you save on your grocery bills. You see, organic, raw food is as much as 200-300% more nutritionally dense, making it more economical in the long run than less expensive and less nutritious conventional produce that may also be laced with pesticides or genetically modified organisms with unknown health hazards!

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