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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bomb scares cause commotion in Kampala

Traffic at the Electoral Commission headquarters on Kampala-Jinja highway was paralysed on Thursday morning when a taxi driver abandoned his vehicle claiming a bomb had been planted in it.

“A driver parked the taxi, moved out and started running away. As I tried to move towards the car to tell him to remove it, he shouted saying I should not come near it because it had a bomb,” a policewoman who refused to be mentioned because she is not authorised to speak to journalists, said.

When police’s bomb squad arrived with sniffer dogs, they discovered a battery with some loose wires in the car.
Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said she was not sure whether it was a bomb.

Similar commotion was reported at Crested Towers building on the 11th floor after rumour that a bomb had been planted in the premises. Security officers who were called in discovered some fuel-like liquids that had spilled in one of the offices on the floor.

A number of bomb scares have been reported since the July 11 bomb blasts that killed about 80 people in Kampala.

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