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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why McDreamy From 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Perfect for 'Transformers 3'

Since everyone is sooo looking forward to a third "Transformers" movie, we thought we'd help spread the news about a particularly sexy bit of casting: "Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey will appear in "TF3" as Megan Fox's boss. Now, "Transformers" and "Grey's Anatomy" may not seem like a logical connection, but there's actually more here than just a cheap grab for more female audience members. No, Dempsey is perfect for the franchise, and here are five reasons why:

1. He's Played Transformers Before

Look at his resumé: In "Can't Buy Me Love," he transformed from a nerd into a cool kid. In "Loverboy," he transformed from a pizza boy into a gigolo. In "Grey's Anatomy," he transformed from a nice surgeon into a job-stealing chief of staff.

2. He Used to Be Shia LaBeouf

Dempsey has a lot in common with the "TF" franchise's human star. Both started out in TV, with Dempsey on "Fast Times" and LaBeouf on "Even Stevens." Both saw their careers blow up at the age of 21, when Dempsey was in "Can't Buy Me Love" and LaBeouf was in "Disturbia." And both have impressive heads of hair.

3. He's a Robotic Actor

We're not saying the man is completely untalented, but his delivery often leaves a lot to be desired, and his performance in "Made of Honor" could have been programmed by a computer, and a pretty rudimentary one, at that.

4. He Loves Threequels

Dempsey has appeared in both "Meatballs III: Summer Job," where the ghost of a porn star helped him lose his virginity, and "Scream 3," where he was a police detective investigating a series of gruesome murders. With director Michael Bay's patented combination of T&A and violence, the "Transformers" franchise is the perfect synthesis of those roles.

5. He's Already Got a Code Name

On a planet full of mononymous robots, most of whose names are descriptive of their powers and abilities, you can come up with some real winners. For instance, "Powerglide" is a plane. "Seaspray" is a hovercraft. "Astrotrain" is a train and a space shuttle. And now, "McDreamy" is a handsome Irishman. ... Hey, not everyone can have a cool name like "Megatron."

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