Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Think Before You Act

My name is Sara and I am 16. My best friend ran away about a month ago and it was one of the worst thing that can happen. She was dating this guy and he was my friend and everything, too. I did not know him til she ran away and I found out what he could do to her. He had got kicked out of school and she was not allowed to see him. He did drugs and was going to jail.

Well, one day we was in school and she come and said to me if she would leave would I cover for her? I told her yes, but at that time I did not think of him coming and getting her and she did not tell me she was going with him.

Well she got busted and her mom took her home and her dad whooped her. She called me and told me she had to go. Did I know anyone that could get her? I told her no I didn't. She said bye.

3 days later she came home. Since then I have found out things she did and all the things she has lied to me about. She was with him and she calls him every day at school on the pay phones. Her mom knows but there is nothing she can do. We have had a lot to go through since she run away.

If your friend runs away you have to be very close to make it through the months ahead, because your mom and dad and family will not trust them again. If she leaves again she has a home here with me, and she knows, but she will never do that.

if you are going to run away, think of all the people you are going to hurt. There is more people out there that cares for you, more than you thinK. I am a runaway, too, and I learned how people acted when she ran away. It made me think of what I put my family through. So please think before you act!

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