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Friday, May 7, 2010

Lion cub triplets at NYC zoo are cuteness royalty

NEW YORK – The newest lion king and queens of New York City won't be found on Broadway. You can find them at the Bronx Zoo.

The Wildlife Conservation Society introduced the spirited triplet cubs Friday at its African Plains habitat. Favorite activities include wrestling with one another and nipping at their dad's tail.

The zoo is asking for the public's help in naming the two females and one male. They were born Jan. 27 to mom Sukari (soo-kar-EE') and dad M'wasi (mah-wah-SEE').

The trio is their second litter. They're also parents to 2-year-old Moxie, who was the first lion cub born at the zoo in 31 years.

Wild lions live in sub-Saharan Africa. The zoo's African Plains habitat aims to be a naturalistic representation of the savanna.

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