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Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Celebrity Apprentice' Week 8 Recap: Jingle Fever

Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" had a case of the jingles this week as his posse of famous people put together a series of commercials for radio. (What's in store next week — telegraph services? Smoke signals?) Fortunately, with a rock star and a pop diva on each team, Rock Solid and Tenacity were well-suited for the challenge. The only catch: The client was one of the most conservative to date, leaving us to wonder if the normally risqué team Rock Solid could manage to tone down their pitch — after all, this is the group that invented the "tour bus thrust" in last week's episode. In case you missed The Donald this week, here's a recap of "Radio Days."

No Fun Zone

This week's client was Clockwork Home Services, a company that provides plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning services. At the usual team meetings with the suits, we discovered two things: Thanks to HBO's "John Adams" miniseries, Cyndi Lauper knows a lot about the bathing habits of the company's mascot, Benjamin Franklin; and plumbers don't like to be the butt of any joke. No, seriously: No crack-ups allowed.
Sharon Reels Bret In

Despite the execs' warnings about plumber jokes, renegade project manager Bret Michaels couldn't resist pushing the envelope as he pieced together concepts for Rock Solid's three radio commercials. Meanwhile, his partner Sharon Osbourne tried to reel him in as he peppered innuendo and butt jokes throughout the initial brainstorming process
Little did she realize that Michaels truly understands the severity of plumber's crack.
Cyndi Gets to Work

When it came time to piece together Tenacity's advertisements, project lead Summer Sanders turned to the pro, having Cyndi Lauper manage the recording. At last, this fish out of water was in her element — even if she felt a little uneasy about working on jingles.
On-Air Performances

The twist in this week's challenge? The celebrity marketers had to perform their spots live for the corporate executives, who were holed up in a remote location. And while Michaels put himself on the line with a butt joke, the executives seemed generally impressed with the rock star's creative — even if they were disappointed by the humor. Meanwhile, Lauper came through for Tenacity, which impressed the Clockwork suits with its professionalism, though they did note the ads had too much info for a 30-second spot.
Points for Creativity

In the boardroom, creativity won out as Donald Trump gave the nod to Bret Michaels and team Rock Solid for their catchy radio spots — though this meant that a member of Tenacity was on the way out. He allowed manager Summer Sanders to give one member of her team a free pass, so she selected buddy Holly Robinson Peete; meanwhile, he said Cyndi Lauper was safe since her performance was strong. (We couldn't help but wonder why Sanders didn't bring up Lauper's performance issues.) That meant it came down to Aussie chef Curtis Stone versus Sanders — and ultimately Sanders couldn't make a strong enough case for The Donald to keep her around.

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