Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whale or Super Yacht? The 250ft Oculus

When we first saw the Oculus we asked; Whale or Boat? Aside from featuring a sea-animal-inspired design, E. Kevin Schöpfer’s Oculus has 12ft ceilings and travels at over 25 knots. The 250ft super yacht resembles a whale with it’s smooth lines, open-mouth-like backside and window resembling an eye. The Oculus is still just a concept, but it’s the flagship design for Schöpfer’s yacht line. Follow the jump for more images and the designers description.

From designer E. Kevin Schöpfer:

Oculus is the first “design launch” of Schöpfer Yachts LLC. This 250-foot vessel was designed by E. Kevin Schöpfer, founder and owner of his namesake company. Designed to accommodate 12 guests in extraordinary comfort and style, Oculus is a long distance cruising yacht capable of speeds upwards of 25 knots. The exterior styling is representative of the jaw and eye socket bone structure of large oceanic fish and mammals. Featuring a dramatic reverse bow configuration, the yacht’s armature balances an elegant expression of symmetry and structure. In addition to the bow, Oculus also features a “low rider profile”. This slightly lowered surface allows for new side recreational areas, alternate dockage access and light cruising openness. Lateral retractable side panels close this area when heavier wave action is indicated. The interior features of Oculus focus on a 12 foot high ceiling in the main salon, a cylindrical double height dining room, central stair and elevator tube, and seemingly anatomical ceiling and floor lighting extensions giving definition to the seating areas. The second level is the dedicated Owner’s suite.

Living areas and bedchambers are divided by a series of four freestanding tubes, which house bath and storage necessities

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