Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Worst 'Healthy' Foods In America

Coming soon to chain restaurants nationwide: Calorie counts on chain restaurant menus and menu boards. To us at Eat This, Not That!, this particular provision couldn’t have come soon enough. Case in point: Any of the menu items listed below.

The truth is that it can be nearly impossible to distinguish between a healthy menu choice, and a menu choice that sounds healthy but will actually add hundreds of extra and unnecessary calories to your diet—and potentially saddle you with an extra pound or two every month. You may care about your health and try your hardest to eat conscientiously, but when restaurants offer salads that exceed 1,500 calories and seemingly harmless seafood dishes flirt with 2,000 calories, all that hard work goes to waste—and to your waistline. In researching our newest book, Drink This, Not That!, we discovered the 6 worst “healthy” food offenders. Make the smart swaps listed below, though, and you can lose a few pounds every week—effortlessly—and without ever dieting again.

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